$1568 of Norwex Bonuses in May 2017

Norwex Canada May 2017

Check out this Norwex Math

In May 2017:

$2000 in sales = 3-4 parties = 9-12 hours of work

FREE is what it costs you to join my team.

$700 is your take home commission.

$568 is your free product earned for hitting step 1, 2 & 3.

$300 is your shopping spree to buy even MORE product for yourself or to share with others. 

What would you do with an extra $700 every few weeks?

What’s holding you back from starting today?

If you’ve been a Norwex host before, you KNOW how generous this company is.  They love on anyone who is ready to open their homes to the potential of living in a more sustainable, healthy and chemical-free way.  We are trying to make lasting generational change after all!  But to do this, we need help!

Norwex’s generosity doesn’t stop with the hostesses.  On top of the 35% commission you earn off every product you sell, in May 2017 they’re also offering shopping sprees on top of the regular bonuses!

Like always, you earn your starter kit for free, and have the benefit of the Fresh Start Program, but this month you can also earn $300 in Norwex shopping sprees!!

No sales experience required

No interview process

Must love & use Norwex products

Inquire within 😉

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