Kuelz Family Road Trip – Kitchener, ON to Winnipeg, MB

You know those moments you have an idea that sparks so much excitement in you, you just have to do it?

Deciding to drive across Canada to visit my brother in Alberta with the kids was an adventure that I couldn’t resist.  It’s a blessing to have a career flexible enough to take it on the road, and since this was a family business after all, weaving work with family time was natural for myself and the kids.

Me and the Kids!

Our first destination was Winnipeg to visit one of my fellow Norwex Canadian Leader’s and her family over Canada Day Weekend.  That meant the first part of the journey would be a 3 day drive.

Day 1 – Kitchener, ON to Sault Ste. Marie, ON

One experience we definitely wanted to have on the way was to take the Chi-Cheemaun Ferry from Tobermory, ON to Manitoulin Island.  After the 3.5 hour drive to the port, it was a welcome break from driving.  We had 90 minutes to roam the ship and enjoy the cruise across Georgian Bay.

Getting ready to drive onto the ferry.

The remaining 4 hour drive went by so quickly, and we hit our first stop in Sault Ste Marie, Ontario.

Day 2 : Sault Ste. Marie, ON to Thunder Bay, ON

I don’t think I realised how big Ontario is until this road trip.  The second leg of the journey was definitely the most beautiful.  The roads were winding, rocky and full of the picturesque nature Canada is known for.

Alona Bay
Augasabon Falls
Alona Bay
Augasabon Falls

Not only was the scenery magestic, but there was also something magical happening on the way between the kids and I.  Conversations and laughter, a speeding ticket and a run in with a logging trucker made it pretty eventful!

A spirit of playfulness and adventure set in that, quite frankly, I can’t remember experiencing since I was a child.  I knew now why I had a knowing this trip was going to be legendary – when was the last time my kids had my undivided attention for 3 days in a row??  Probably never.  I learned so much about them, and listened a lot.  They shared so much with me.  Stories from school, what they want to do when they’re older, asked me questions about things that sometimes turned into an hour long discussion about life and people and how to find your place in the world.  They asked me how my husband and I met, and wanted to hear stories about when they were younger, and what I was like when I was younger.  It was so amazing to be able to share all of that with them.  I have a feeling it will be my favourite part of the trip.  And I am already looking forward to the drive home in a month when hubby will be with us.

Thunder Bay was close but there was a mandatory stop for Canadian history – the Terry Fox memorial.  The kids learn about him in school, but it’s deeply impactful to stand at this lookout point and see a monument in honour of his courage and tenacity on his marathon of hope.  Want to be inspired?  Be sure to stop here.  There’s a small park, a lookout point and a sense of deep peace.  It was a memorable entry point to Thunder Bay.

  1. Terry Fox Memorial Thunder Bay
    Terry Fox Memorial

    View from Terry Fox Memorial Terry Fox Memorial Thunder Bay Terry Fox Memorial Thunder Bay Lookout

Day 3 – Thunder Bay, ON to Winnipeg, MB

7.5 hours left of driving to our first stop had the kids and I pretty excited, we were almost to our first stop which meant visiting with friends and enjoying a 5 day break from driving!

We powered through this drive without any significant stops, crossed the time zone and arrived to our friends’ family home in amazing time.  We were welcomed with open arms and happy to look forward to some fun days ahead in Winnipeg celebrating Canada’s 150th anniversary.

Mandy Kuelz Melanie Stuve Norwex
Welcomed in Winnipeg!
Kuelz Stuve Norwex Kids
Norwex Kids

Stay tuned for the next update on the #kuelzfamilyroadtrip2017!

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