Norwex Mattress Cleaner Deep Cleans Soft Surfaces, Naturally

norwex mattress cleaner
When travelling, never leave home without it – the ‘real’ clean for hotel beds

See key benefits & features here!

The Norwex mattress cleaner is most well known for eliminating dust mite and other soft surface allergens and residues with it’s magical enzyme-based formula.

But when my customers started calling it the marriage saver, it was obvious how much relief this product was giving to snoring and allergy sufferers!

My favourite use of this product is when I’m travelling.  To know I can mist this not only on a hotel bed, but also the carpeted floors, draperies, cushions and chairs in the room for these benefits helps me sleep a WHOLE lot better.  Check out what it does!

  • Deep cleans soft surfaces, leaving them free of body oils, pet dander and other organic contaminants
  • Removes organic smells, such as urine and perspiration
  • Safe and non-toxic
  • Use on cotton, canvas, polyester and rayon.
  • Does not stain

Do you have any stories about what the mattress cleaner has done for you and your household?  Share below!

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