Kuelz Family Road Trip – Winnipeg, MB to Gull Lake, AB

The second leg required another 2 day drive to reach our destination, and after 5 days visiting friends in Winnipeg, we were ready to get on the road again!  Our first stop, Saskatoon!

Prairie driving

I had been ‘warned’ by several of my friends and family that the drive through the prairies was


but to this green loving girl, it was majestic, breath-taking and so gentle.  The scenery changes so much across Canada, right down to the wild flowers and grasses that grow on the sides of the roads.  The farms grow different crops, the landscape is slightly varied, and the prairie skies…they go on forever!  I can truly see why so many artists have been captivated by the prairie views, so expansive and quiet.  Just beautiful!

Bright yellow Canola fields – spanned across Manitoba & Saskatchewan


Watching a storm come in

Saskatoon was a welcome rest, and we enjoyed some play and down time before our last day of driving!

Every hotel HAD to have a pool!

The last day of driving went by so quickly, we didn’t even stop for pictures! Within 5 ish hours, we had made it to my brother’s house and the kids were welcomed by their cousins and their new puppy!

Cousins reunited!

What an amazing adventure together!

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