A way to Earn extra Cash for Christmas

Cash for Christmas

A little Christmas Cash Story

September 8th, 2008 was the day I decided I was NOT going into debt for Christmas. With 3 littles, there were SOOOO many Christmas wishes! I had been wowed by Norwex the previous spring and though the skeptic in me wanted to doubt everything, I thought, why not join and see what happens?

Christmas 2008

There wasn’t anything to lose except being t-i-r-e-d of going into debt every Holiday Season.

I couldn’t stop talking to everyone about how I had cleaned my windows and bathroom with water and a cloth ONLY. It was so easy to show people how to use Norwex! It seemed the perfect way earn Christmas CASH instead of New Year’s credit to get through the holiday without having a mental breakdown (surely I’m not the only mom that did that…..)

Why September?

I decided to join in September for a couple reasons. Firstly, people are getting ready for the fall deep clean before winter, and cleaning the patio furniture, plastic outdoor chairs, planter and windows on top of packing up campers and other camping gear, the NEEDED to know there was a way to do that in half the time. Secondly, with the holidays coming, there’s loads of unique gift options for family, friends, employees, teachers and kids. Norwex is an amazing Christmas present!

Fast forward 9 years…This September Norwex is offering an upgrade package for 47% off in Canada and the US!! Sometimes I wish I could re-join!! But instead I can help you find your way to unravel an age-old conundrum … how to have a debt-free Christmas 🙂

Norwex Bonus September 2017
Norwex Bonus September 2017

What’s keeping you from giving it a go? Or if it’s not for you, who do you know who would love have a little bit extra?

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