Norwex Cleaning Paste on Shoes

The Cleaning Paste is just about as multifunctional as the Norwex Envirocloth. Not only do I use it on my stainless steel sink, hard water stains on showers and baths, to clean grout, take bugs off my windshield and more, I use it to save money at the beginning of the school year! 💲💲💲

Buying new indoor shoes for the kids at every school season can cost a lot. And their feet grow so quickly! One year my daughter went through 4 sizes! 😲 Any way I can get the most out of their shoes, I do.

At the end of each school year, my kids wear their running shoes outside in the summer. This leaves them somewhat grimy by September and typically not easily cleaned.

At least not before the Cleaning Paste!

A quick scrub with the spirisponge and Cleaning Paste, and they’re ready to be worn as indoor shoes at the school again.

No harsh chemicals and no new shoes till sale time or the next growth spurt!

One tub lasts this household 3-5 years – it’s our elbow grease in a jar! 💪🏻😃

Do you have a favourite use for the cleaning paste? Comment Below!

Feel free to share this Norwex solution with someone you think needs it, it makes cleaning so much easier!

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